Home Learning for Pupils

At Whetley we use an online learning platform called Seesaw. In the event of a school closure, there will be a variety of work set, which the students can complete and return for the teacher to check. Students can also use this to contact the teacher and communicate in a safe way with their classmates. All comments are monitored by the class teacher and Learning Support Assistant.

As well as that, students have had reading books set up for them on Rising Stars Reading Planet or Reading Plus depending on the level they are reading at. To use it, simply log on, read a book and complete the quizzes during and at the end. The results will be sent to the class teacher’s account. Students will be given their user names and passwords. If you need them re-sending, please contact your class teacher.

For Maths, one of the apps we use is TTRockstars. It is an excellent way to learn your times tables in a fun and competitive way. All children were given login information and passwords for this. Again, if you have any problems with this then please do not hesitate to ask. We also have Mathshed, which provides a variety of Maths games for students to play to sharpen their Maths skills whilst at home.

In terms of Spelling, we use Education Shed. This allows your child to work on their spelling skills online. It is a really useful tool and will ensure that the students are continuing to practise spelling rules for their year group. As with the other platforms, passwords have been given to your child. However, if they have misplaced them, please contact your class teacher.

If you need any assistance at all with using the above resources, please contact your class teacher and they will be happy to help.