About us


Thank you for your interest in our academy and for visiting our website.

Whetley Academy is a larger than average school for children between 2 and 11 years, with places for up to 710 pupils. We are extremely proud to serve a diverse community with families from different ethnic backgrounds. 

Since 1875 the school has provided the springboard from which generations of children have taken their first steps in learning. Our conversion from a community to academy school has been used as an opportunity to move us into a new and exciting stage of its development. Our academy sponsor is Delta Academies Trust (Delta). Support from Delta is helping to accelerate school improvement and a recent Ofsted GOOD judgement in June 2018.

Many staff have worked with us for a long term, which is testament to the working culture at Whetley and also the comradery and moral that is established. We look to adapt and change the way we teach things to ensure that we are getting the very best out of every learning opportunity and our staff are fully supportive of that.

The students at Whetley are incredible and make brilliant progress during their time with us. Not just academically, but also emotionally. Behaviour is excellent and children are rewarded throughout the year whether that is through stickers, dojos, parties, trips or visitors to school.

We are very proud of our beautiful building and school environment and believe that it provides a safe and exhilarating setting for children to learn. When you enter the building, there is a sense of excitement and warmth, which means children feel relaxed, happy and ready to learn.

In short, we are very proud of our school and in welcoming your child, we welcome the whole family into Whetley Academy.

Please take time to look at our school Twitter page, which will give you an idea of the learning and fun that takes places each day at Whetley Academy.

Mr Townend

Head of Academy