Staff List


Year Group/ Team


  Senior Leadership

Associate Executive Principal – Mrs Brown

Head of Academy – Miss Stansfield

Assistant Principal & Director of Learning - Miss Johan Stephenson

Assistant Principal - Mrs Karena Rogers

  Foundation Stage 1

 Mrs White

 Mrs Hamid, Mrs Aziz, Mrs J Cabalova and Miss Briscoe 

  Foundation Stage 2

 F2R - Mrs Rogers, Mrs Bibi, Mrs Facunova and Mrs Hussain 1:1

 F2RS – Miss Reynolds  Miss Lever, Mrs Kauser and Mrs Robertshaw   

  Year 1

 1T  –    Miss Tanvir and Mrs Qusar

 1B -     Mrs K Afzal and Mrs Reynolds 

 1/2BI - Mrs Bahan and Miss Gul

 Phonics Intervention - Mrs Rashid

  Year 2

 2C   - Miss Callaway and Miss Begum

 2M – Miss Bi and Miss Kausel 

  Year 3

 3B –  Miss Borowy and Mrs Murray

 3M -  Miss Marshall and Mrs Bano

 3/4D - Miss Dunn and Mr Rayner & Mrs Parveen

  Year 4

 4R -   Mrs Rizvi and Mrs Khan

 4M –  Mr Metcalfe and Miss Hussain 

 4J –   Miss Jancova Mrs Bibi and Mr Mussa  

  Year 5

 5SR –  Miss Sayer  and Mr Zaman

 5B -    Mr Brentley and Mrs Siddique & Miss F Hussain

 5S –    Miss S Morrison and Miss Gavins

 5/6M – Mrs Mahmood and Mrs Masood

 5A    -  Mrs Ahmed and Mrs Parveen

  Year 6

 6D -   Miss Dunn and Mrs Green

 6ST - Mrs Seedat 

 6S -  Mrs Simpson and Mrs Veretina-Chiriac

 6T -   Mr Townend and Mrs Razaq 


 SEND Lead – Mrs McAllister

 Inclusion Lead - Mrs Metcalfe

 Citizenship Leaders - Mr Khan and Mr Shakir


 Mrs Turasz and Mrs Majid 

  ICT Technician

 Mr Iqbal 


 Business Manager – Mrs Ambler

 PA to the Leadership Team – Mrs Truelove

 Finance Officer – Miss V Ambler

 Finance Assistant - Mrs M Nowakowski

 Admin - Mrs Mehnaz

 Receptionist - Mrs Fareed              

 Reprographics – Mrs Hollindrake, Mrs Knights and Mrs Begum

  Senior First Aid

 Mrs Kaur

  Site Manager 

 Mr Porter 

  Facilities and

  compliance Officer

 Mr Curtis

  Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs M Mussa, Mrs S Bi, Mrs Z Hussain,  Mrs F Fahima, Mrs S Iqbal, Mrs R Rani,  Mrs P Akhtar, Mrs M Gill, Mrs J Cabalova