Exam Results


Key Stage 2 Results 2016

Percentage of children achieving National Expected Standard

NB. In 2016 the children have been tested on a new National curriculum with new testing arrangements.

Reading, Writing and Maths Combined




Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation

30 (37)

32 (38)

62 (79)

52 (69)

60 (71)

These percentages are for all pupils including Roma pupils, several who arrived in Y5/6. Most of our Roma pupils are New to English and new to the English Education system or any education system. Our Roma pupils make good progress but most do not achieve the expected standard due to their low academic level on entry and reduced time in education. The percentage in brackets relates to attainment without the Roma pupils.


The Academy achieved sufficient progress scores in all three subjects, (RWM), and so has met the Government floor standard for 2016.

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